Jul 232013


It’s interesting to me that the “outfit” is having such a come back. By outfit I mean a matching set consisting of bottom and a top in a pre-thought out fashion. I remember when I was a kid I envied the “outfit”, during those days it generally consisted of a matching set of purple pants paired with a purple top and matching shoes. It’s not that I didn’t have nice clothes as a kid (I did, I was dressed by a New Yorker AKA my mom) but I’ve always had a fascination with clothes, and it was different from what I was wearing. Fast forward some years, I am having a taste of this childhood fixation thanks to my beloved Clover Canyon. I find myself playing with fashion in a different ways these days, and it keeps dawning on me that it’s because I can. I love the freedom to wear what I please, and lately I have been exercising this freedom by wearing more color and pattern. These mixable pieces coming from Clover Canyon are so fun to play with and are surprisingly versatile. I can see these pieces paired in a number of different ways, they are so comfortable and have an editorial edge that is beyond satisfying to wear.






Clover Canyon Bollywood Crop top & Skirt

Wildfox Le Femme deluxe sunglasses

vintage jewelry

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