May 022014


What’s on my list of Spring and Summer skincare essentials? Products that soothe my sun kissed skin, moisture that lasts, and ingredients that make a difference. Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins cream is rich in minerals and vitamins that allow my skin to refresh itself after long days in the sun and losing battles with allergies. I have dry skin, I’m talking DRY skin. No matter what I do I end the day with tight dehydrated skin and I need something that does an excellent job of doing some night time replenishing! Cue Origin’s Night-A-Mins! This stuff is formulated with Vitamins  C, E, and H to work overtime to repair your skin.


Origins claims that you wake up  with “skin (that is) renewed and refreshed in the AM” and I’m happy to say, couldn’t agree more:) This delightful moisturizer is also formulated to “delete dullness”, which Origins says is due to the “time released re-surfacers” that have been formulated into this product. Now, even though that sounds very complex, I can simplify it for you: This cream moisturizes my skin fantastically. It allows me to wake up without that feeling of discomfort due to dryness, and has way more staying power than a lot of moisturizers I’ve tried! Did I mention it also smells dreamy? Like orange extract! Did you know that orange extract is used as a mood booster in the aroma therapy world? Bonus!


Let me know, Have you guys tried this moisturizer? or do you plan to?  What are your thoughts?

What would you like me to review next?

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