Jan 042013


Step 1

Gather your supplies. You will need…

A microwave safe container. I like to use this one made specificaly for this use from Japonesque . It also comes with a handy mini scoop/spatula.


An empty tin or container. You will use this to put the final product in. balm


Aquaphor or Vaseline.Balm4


A lip color (or a few) of your choice. I picked the Kate Mos for Rimmel in color 09 Rosetto because it tastes like cherries mixed with a dash of Schiap from Nars. Keep in mind that you may want to choose a tasty lipstick like I did because you want your balm to taste good too!Balm7


Step 2

put your chosen colors into the microwave safe container. You need only take a bit from your lipstick as this is a tinted balm. Just enough for a sheer wash of color. After that add a tablespoon of your Aquaphor or Vaseline.



Step 3

Melt away! Put your container with your mix of color and Aquaphor in the microwave. Do this in segments of 30 seconds. I like to stir the mixture between microwaving. Keep an eye on your mixture while it’s in the microwave, if it starts to bubble its too much. You want to microwave it as little as possible until the mixture becomes a pourable liquid.


Now just pour your liquid mixture into your selected balm container and allow to cool. It should take about 30 minutes to go back to a solid consistency. Et voila! Now you have a fully customized sheer tinted balm. It’s a bit like a DIY version of the Revlon Lip Butters that everyone is going crazy over lately, but you can put it together yourself with a few everyday ingredients! I also love to do this with the remnants of my used up lipsticks. It’s great not to feel like your’e wasting even a drop of an expensive lipstick.


Thanks for reading!

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