Sep 272013

Aust Abbot Kinney

Effortless, modern, and free spirited. These are the words I would use to describe the aesthetic of Australian design. With elements of beach appropriate attire and touches of modern minimalism, Australian fashion is fresh, daring, and new.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Fedyk and Hannah Wang, the owners of a brand new all Australian designer boutique on Abbot Kinney appropriately named Aust. Located down a magical path of ivy and white lights, behind three sets of French doors lies a beautiful airy store stocked with expertly curated pieces from almost solely Australian designers. Maurie and Eve, Zimmermann, Bec and Bridge; Aust is a utopia of gorgeous pieces and entirely worth the trip. If you’re in the Los Angeles area (or not! they have an online store) I highly recommend you go and check out Aust.

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney

Wanderyst Aust

 Necklace by Mariposa

Top by Ellery

Sunglasses by Ksubi 

All available through the links at AUST

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney Hannah Wang

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney Wanderyst


Image Map

Image Map



1617 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA; 310-873-3303.

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Jul 232013


It’s interesting to me that the “outfit” is having such a come back. By outfit I mean a matching set consisting of bottom and a top in a pre-thought out fashion. I remember when I was a kid I envied the “outfit”, during those days it generally consisted of a matching set of purple pants paired with a purple top and matching shoes. It’s not that I didn’t have nice clothes as a kid (I did, I was dressed by a New Yorker AKA my mom) but I’ve always had a fascination with clothes, and it was different from what I was wearing. Fast forward some years, I am having a taste of this childhood fixation thanks to my beloved Clover Canyon. I find myself playing with fashion in a different ways these days, and it keeps dawning on me that it’s because I can. I love the freedom to wear what I please, and lately I have been exercising this freedom by wearing more color and pattern. These mixable pieces coming from Clover Canyon are so fun to play with and are surprisingly versatile. I can see these pieces paired in a number of different ways, they are so comfortable and have an editorial edge that is beyond satisfying to wear.






Clover Canyon Bollywood Crop top & Skirt

Wildfox Le Femme deluxe sunglasses

vintage jewelry

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Jun 062013


Layers are the key when you’re off to the beach. Often coastal weather will vary from scorchingly hot to windy and cold so it is wise to dress in an outfit that can be added to or subtracted from. For a summer day in Laguna Beach I chose to wear this beautiful mesh floral Seafolly Kailua cover up layered over a swimsuit and a tight skirt. I also had a leather jacket in tow for the cool night time which wound up coming in handy around 7 o’clock. For my bag I chose to throw my sunblock, cellphone, and lipstick in my favorite oversize Samudra clutch. This clutch is a wonderful alternative for the Summer months, because it does not encumber you as you frolic in the sand and it transitions wonderfully from day to night wear.




 Seafolly Kailua cover up (here)

Samudra Mokulua Clutch (here)

ASOS Embellished Gem Cat Eye Sunglasses (here)

Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunglasses (here)

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May 202013


Why yes, I did just name a post after a Jimi Hendrix album, heres why… This sweatshirt by Pencey is awesome. It reminds me of something you might have worn to Woodstock, yet it is made from a deliciously modern neoprene-like material. I have a soft spot in my heart for bohemian 70’s fashion since my favorite music is born out of that time. Wearing things like aviators, too many rings, and bandana prints give me a taste of what it would feel like to hear Jimi Hendrix play the National Anthem in the dead of an east coast Summer with flowers pinned in my hair. Though I know we can never recapture the 70’s, I still love to take a few cues from the style. This Pencey sweatshirt is exactly what I’m talking about – a refined, modern piece that tips it’s hat to one of the greatest style decades in history.







Sweatshirt – Pencey Raglan Sweatshirt (exact here)

Skirt – BCBG Skirt in Dusty Pink (exact here)

Heels – Zara Shiny Strappy Sandals (exact here)

Sunglasses – Prada “Minimalist” Baroque in Havana (exact here)

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