Mar 282014

Spring Beauty Haul Wanderyst

Spring Beauty Haul Wanderyst

Spring Beauty Haul Wanderyst

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr Blush in “Flush”



These are vintage champagne pliers… don’t judge. They are amazing!

Gelaze China Glaze Gel Polsih

Gelaze China Glaze Gel Polsih

Gelaze by China Glaze in “Shocking Pink”

Spring Beauty Haul 4

Gelaze by China Glaze in “Flip Flop Fantasy”

Gelaze China Glaze Gel Polsih

All I can say is WOW, these new China Glaze gel polishes are amazing. Supposedly they require no base coat and come in a range of fantastic colors. I was particularly happy to find they created a gel version of “Flip Flop Fantasy” as it is my favorite nail polish color ever! The normal China Glaze nail polishes do not even withstand a day on my nails, which was always disappointing:( Maybe I’m hard on my nails, but either way I’m thrilled to see China Glaze create a range of gel polishes!

HERES AN IN DEPTH REVIEW/HOW TO for these glaze gel polishes

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Cream in “Snow Glow”

Too Faced BB Cream

Too Faced BB Cream

I actually tried this BB cream before but in the wrong color so it had to be returned. I decided to give it another shot while I was at Ulta the other day. I used it this morning and loved it! It’s light, covers a bit, and leaves your skin dewey and fresh. I think I love it!

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in “Snow Glow

Too Faced bb cream

Too Faced bb cream

Too Faced bb cream

Too Faced bb cream



Girl Meets Pearl

girl meets pearl

Benefit’s “Girl Meets Pearl” has been one of my favorites for years. It is a multitasking product that makes even my dry skin look dewey and fresh. Sometimes I mix this in with my makeup, sometimes I put it all over my face before applying my makeup, and other times I just use it as a blowy highlighter. If you haven’t tried Girl meets pearl yet, you’re missing out!

Benefit  “Girl Meets Pearl”



Urban Decy 24/7 eyeliner

Click “View More” for EXTRAS

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Mar 212014

1 What is your oldest item 

It’s probably not the oldest item I own, but its definitely the most meaningful.  This is my mom’s jacket from the army. I don’t think I’ll actually ever wear it because I’m not one to sport THIS much camo. I thill love trying it on with skinny jeans and tee shirts because I do think it looks really cool!

Closet Confidential Tag

Closet Confidential Tag

2 Newest Item

I adore Wildfox. Their clothes are fun, soft, and creative. This tee shirt caught my eye for two reasons: The heart print (love me some heart print) and the unexpected design of the back. Be warned that Wildfox’s clothing runs large at times, this happens to be one of those items. I ordered a Medium but wish I’d gone for one size down because the shirt falls off my shoulders incessantly. Just be advised of that if you choose to buy this shirt, consider going one size down from your normal size.

Wildfox: Baby Love Tee

Closet Confidential Tag

3 What is your most expensive item

I bought a naughty leather jacket about 5 years ago. As I said in my video, I am too ashamed to tell you how much I spent on this… but- if you are really itching to know, you could probably use this little thing called google and come close to finding it’s price tag. I am all for investment pieces personally, this jacket is my testament. It looks brand new even though I pretty much never took it off for 3 straight years, and I still wear it regularly. Sometimes saving your pennies for a quality item is worth it.
Closet Confidential Tag
4 What is your cheapest item?
I own a lot of inexpensive clothing. I love to shop the sales at Asos and forever21 for cute pieces. My favorite would have to be this knit tee I got at Forever21 a few years ago. I adore the sheer back and I seriously doubt that anyone would think I only paid $5 (and some change) for it.
5 What is your biggest bargain
I found this Yaya Aflalo top at Loehmanns in LA a bunch of years ago. It was really expensive to begin with, but if you’ve been to Loehmanns, you know that the markdowns are HUGE. I think this top was supposed to be in the higher hundreds, I got it for about $25! 
6 What is your biggest waste of money
The one thing I really waste my money on are shoes. I love the look of so many shoes, but if they’re unbearably uncomfortable I won’t wear them. These shoes were seriously inexpensive, but I am of the belief  that any amount of money if not put to good use is a huge waste. I bought these pink suede heels over a year ago, they are beautiful but I wore them once- in my house… What a waste.
Closet Confidential Tag
7 what are your current three favorite items?
Asos Mesh sweater, Clu ruffle windbreaker, Zara Crochet tunic
Closet Confidential Tag
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Mar 142014

I am such a huge fan of skincare. Even though I am a HUGE fan of makeup, I honestly feel that taking care of your skin is often more important. If you don’t take care of the health of your skin there is no way your makeup is going to look it’s best. If you were to build even the most beautiful of homes on an unstable foundation, it wouldn’t make sense no matter how exquisite the house appeared to be from the outside. Obviously, the foundation of the home is a metaphor for skincare in this case, which leads me to divulging the details of my morning skincare routine for dry skin.

First off, I will give you a brief background story on my skin type so you can determine if any of my routine could be of use to you. I have dry, flakey, fussy, sensitive skin. No matter how much I moisturize it and tend to it’s every whim I am still left with it feeling tight and uncomfortable at the end of the day.  I have to be 5 steps ahead of it at all times, which is where my skincare routine comes in!



  Glymed Plus Mega-Purifying Cleanser

This cleanser is gentle, yet it does a great job of both hydrating and cleansing my skin. It also smells lightly of lavender!

Clarisonic Pro

I remember years ago when I bought my first Clarisonic. I was on my way to a cello lesson when I decided to take the plunge and deplete my meager savings. I think it was my Junior year of High School and as I have always been fascinated by skincare it was (and is) a truly worth it investment. To this day I could count the times on one hand that I have gone without cleansing my skin with a Clarisonic. Aside from the time I went to Europe a few years ago, decided not to bring it to cut down on baggage weight, and regretted it every day for 3 months. I personally prefer the Clarisonic Pro as feel it has more gusto to it’s power.


Exfolikate is AMAZING. It will leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy. Though it does tingle and burn slightly, it isn’t harsh at all for my sensitive skin. If you haven’t tried this true gem of a product before, please do. It is oh so worth it.

Tea Tre Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural wonder. With naturally occurring antiseptic properties it is a treatment for acne along with tons of other skin and health ailments. It is a traditional Aboriginal cure that is produced from the paperbark tree, which means it is a chemical-free remedy to  potentially diminish your acne (yay science!).  From personal experience, tea tree oil either eliminates acne entirely or significantly cuts down its lifespan. I prefer to mix a few drops of the potent oil into a bit of water to make it more bearable for my skin, then pour it on to a cotton pad for application. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s, but you can pretty much find this delightful stuff at any drugstore, pharmacy, and even grocery.

Somme Institute “A-Bomb”

This skincare line was initially sent to me by said company: Somme Institute. The whole line is an utter dream as far as skincare goes. It is insanely effective in my experience, though the downside is the price. After using the skincare line I decided that this moisturizer was completely worth re-purchasing, so I did. No complaints here the stuff is great. It’s super moisturizing yet light enough for seamless makeup application, which makes it my top pick for a morning moisturizer. If you wish to delve deeper into the magic that is Somme Institute, I did a review HERE on the entire line.

Somme Institute “Double Defense”

This is a nice sunscreen. It is moisturizing and gets the sun protecting job done. Though I’m not generally a fan of sunscreen’s consistency, this is by far the best I have found in my time. At SPF 30 it is more than enough protection for your face through every day exposure. If you’re planning on heading to the beach though, it would be ill advised for a person of my paleness to venture out into the blazing sun with anything less than SPF 50…


Lip balm man… I can’t even tell you how much I love lip balms. These are the little cherry on top for me, i love a good moisturizing balm that adds a dash of color while making my lippies feel pampered. These are the best as far as that goes, you can trust me on that because I’ve pretty much tried every balm and chapstick that the universe as to offer!

(Left) Dior Addict Lip Glow & (Right) Fresh Sugar “Berry Lip Balm”

Do you use any of these products? What is your favorite skincare item? I’d love to hear about your routines!

Thanks for reading!

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