May 202013


Why yes, I did just name a post after a Jimi Hendrix album, heres why… This sweatshirt by Pencey is awesome. It reminds me of something you might have worn to Woodstock, yet it is made from a deliciously modern neoprene-like material. I have a soft spot in my heart for bohemian 70’s fashion since my favorite music is born out of that time. Wearing things like aviators, too many rings, and bandana prints give me a taste of what it would feel like to hear Jimi Hendrix play the National Anthem in the dead of an east coast Summer with flowers pinned in my hair. Though I know we can never recapture the 70’s, I still love to take a few cues from the style. This Pencey sweatshirt is exactly what I’m talking about – a refined, modern piece that tips it’s hat to one of the greatest style decades in history.







Sweatshirt – Pencey Raglan Sweatshirt (exact here)

Skirt – BCBG Skirt in Dusty Pink (exact here)

Heels – Zara Shiny Strappy Sandals (exact here)

Sunglasses – Prada “Minimalist” Baroque in Havana (exact here)

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