May 232013



John Baldessari


Andy Warhol


 Georges-Pierre Seurat


Roy Lichtenstein


Gustav Klimt


Edvard Munch

I know that this is technically a fashion blog, but I also consider it a travel and lifestyle blog. A huge part of my travels (and lifestyle I guess) is dedicated to the arts. I love music and art, they are facets of my life that define a huge part of who I am. That being said, I wanted to share something non-fashion related today: my latest trip to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). I have been to this museum an uncountable amount of times, but if I had to guess- close to 100 times. Yeah… I mean it I really like art, and I always have.

             These are a few of the pieces that I love the most, some Suerat, a little Rousseau, and a dash of Andy Warhol for good measure. I also saw Tilda Swinton in a glass box sleeping (meditating? napping?) I’m not entirely sure what this was all about, since when I read about it last week I decided not to believe that Tilda Swinton was actually spending hours laying down in a glass box for the public to view her. But- yes, I can in fact confirm that she was there doing just that, I saw her and I’m pretty baffled by it. It is a “piece” titled “The Maybe”, google it… I guess there in lies the point of art- to make you think, talk, and guess. Maybe there is no point at all and that is what is profound about it. It is something we have done for thousands upon thousands of years that is often purely for enjoyment, isn’t that incredible?

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