Jun 152013


Before I went to California I caved in and got a Go Pro. I can honestly say that it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. If you know anything about Go Pro, it is a basically an awesome HD camera packed into a highly customizable (yet tiny!) package. It was originally intended for the filming of extreme sports but is versatile enough for anyone. It came in a water proof case which thrilled me (imagine all of the filming opportunities) and is able to withstand falls and drops of all sorts while in the housing. I am just thrilled about how this tiny camera inspired me to film so much while on my trip. There is something a bit daunting about whipping out my massive Canon DSLR at times, I get told off quite a bit with that camera which can be a little embarrassing. The go pro is so unassuming and low profile that I did not once feel bashful to pull it out and film the beautiful moments unfolding before me. A video diary of my coastal adventures is soon to come too! Thanks to my new favorite little camera.






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