Sep 272013

Aust Abbot Kinney

Effortless, modern, and free spirited. These are the words I would use to describe the aesthetic of Australian design. With elements of beach appropriate attire and touches of modern minimalism, Australian fashion is fresh, daring, and new.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Fedyk and Hannah Wang, the owners of a brand new all Australian designer boutique on Abbot Kinney appropriately named Aust. Located down a magical path of ivy and white lights, behind three sets of French doors lies a beautiful airy store stocked with expertly curated pieces from almost solely Australian designers. Maurie and Eve, Zimmermann, Bec and Bridge; Aust is a utopia of gorgeous pieces and entirely worth the trip. If you’re in the Los Angeles area (or not! they have an online store) I highly recommend you go and check out Aust.

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney

Wanderyst Aust

 Necklace by Mariposa

Top by Ellery

Sunglasses by Ksubi 

All available through the links at AUST

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney Hannah Wang

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney

Aust Abbot Kinney Wanderyst


Image Map

Image Map



1617 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA; 310-873-3303.

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Jun 152013


Before I went to California I caved in and got a Go Pro. I can honestly say that it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. If you know anything about Go Pro, it is a basically an awesome HD camera packed into a highly customizable (yet tiny!) package. It was originally intended for the filming of extreme sports but is versatile enough for anyone. It came in a water proof case which thrilled me (imagine all of the filming opportunities) and is able to withstand falls and drops of all sorts while in the housing. I am just thrilled about how this tiny camera inspired me to film so much while on my trip. There is something a bit daunting about whipping out my massive Canon DSLR at times, I get told off quite a bit with that camera which can be a little embarrassing. The go pro is so unassuming and low profile that I did not once feel bashful to pull it out and film the beautiful moments unfolding before me. A video diary of my coastal adventures is soon to come too! Thanks to my new favorite little camera.






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May 282012

Today I had the pleasure of being at the Mac Cosmetics event on the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. The event was a fun filled way to premiere the limited edition Summer line of pinup inspired hues and vintage naval colors deamed “Hey, Sailor!”. It is the perfect way to kick off your summer. Who doesn’t want to be red lipped and gold adorned while frolicking into salt water and sunshine? Even if your Summer doesn’t entail the beach, this is a collection of renewed classics. Mac offers you a fun way to gear your makeup up for season be it with a pinup inspired red lip or a trendy swipe of blue eyeliner. Bronze, gloss, and lacquer yourself with the Mac Hey, Sailor! collection this Summer!

Left to right from top: To the beach body oil in “Seaside”, Suntints SPF 20 liquid lip balm in”Abalone to Shop”,  To the Beach body oil in “Man Rays”.

Mac Hey Sailor, Mac Crew Highlight Powder

Powder in “Crew”

Bon Voyage Sailors! ❤

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