Mar 112014


I actually grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but all along I took it for granted. The air is clean, the people are friendly, and the forest is generally no further than a 10 minute walk away. During my childhood I took full advantage of my home state, I ran in the woods and knew where every mini waterfall within walking distance to my house was. People exchange pleasantries over subjects like the weather or the color changing leaves. Subarus line the parking lots and re-usable grocery bags are obligatory. As I got older it seemed so commonplace to have these things at my finger tips that I forgot to appreciate just how wonderful the area is. Though living in somewhat rural Oregon isn’t a thrill it certainly has it’s benefits. Now that I’ve been so many different places in the world I can see what is significant about the Pacific Northwest, and for that I am grateful.

While on an arduous journey en route to Los Angeles I was diverted for two days, first to Portland then to Seattle. Of course as soon as you head north out of Southern Oregon (you’ll understand if you’re from the area) the rain begins and never stops (hello Eugene). This is what puts me off occasionally, but anticipating the smog ridden traffic cluster F that is LA only to be dropped off in snowy Portland, my perspective changed. The air was cool and the streets were quiet when I finally got into my hotel. I had dinner from the restaurant at my hotel and took a 5 block walk to Target to find an external hard drive (Blogger problems:P). It was then that I realized I am from a wonderful place in the world. A place where ketchup is made with agave nectar instead of sugar and airport security hands out free quart size baggies for your toiletries- a modern day promise land.







can you spot the Space Needle in the last one?

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Mar 092012

Some of my new buys for Spring and an outfit of the night.

H&M dress and clutch, Nine West wedges, YSL ring, Michael Kors watch.


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