May 122013

I am generally not a fan of wearing the color blue, I’m not really sure why, it’s just never been a color that I gravitate to. This trend silently snuck up on me when I looked down at the contents of my most recent purchases and realized that they were all an identical shade of teal blue. I have been lusting after these blue mirrored Ray-Bans for quite sometime, so while in New York I found them in Bloomingdales and immediately threw my money at someone since they seemed to be the last pair in the entire city. After that I spotted these shiny blue colors at Chanel, and being the magpie that I am (attracted to shiny objects) I couldn’t resist the polish and liner. The rest is history I guess, I wear blue now and I have no idea how it happened.




 Sunglasses – Ray-BanEyeliner in “Jade” – ChanelNail Polish in “AZURÉ” – ChanelClutch – Samudra Mokulua Pouch